Hôtel Restaurant Le Jambon
245, rue Carnot
40700 Hagetmau
Phone: +33 (0)5 58 79 32 02
Fax: +33 (0)5 58 79 34 78
Email : hotellejambon@orange.fr

Restaurant | The Chef

Philippe and Mylène Labadie and their daughter Eve invite you to try traditional, sophisticated and hearty cuisine in an enchanting setting.

“The restaurant’s gourmet regional menu is an invitation to discover some of the most exquisite dishes in a comfortable and stylish dining room.
We see our profession as a way of life, backed up by several years of experience.
Every member of our staff has given Le Jambon Hotel-Restaurant its endearing soul and personality.” Philippe Labadie
Philippe Labadie

A third-generation Chef, Philippe Labadie was of course introduced to cooking by his father before his apprenticeship at Cousseau’s Relais de la Poste in Majescq, and winning the 1974 Best Apprentice Award in France.

His great chefs’ Tour de France led him, among other places, to La Mazère’s in Paris, Timbaud’s in La Ferté-sous-Jouare, and eventually back to his home region to carry on the Landes culinary tradition, where his cuisine is touted by the top restaurant guides such as Gault-Millau, Michelin’s Red Book, Petit Futé, and Routard.

He always chooses his produce himself from regular suppliers, and gives priority to making local cuisine, as his creations and innovations are part of his main preoccupations.

This explains why Philippe Labadie’s cooking is so popular with the locals, business customers and others who are just passing through town, such as the toreadors who demonstrate their bravery in Hagetmau’s arena every year during the August Novilladas.

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